Civil Engineering

Initial proposals and feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, statutory processes, detailed design, procurement, contract administration and supervision, health and safety.

Highway Design

ARP has the ability to prepare designs and details to satisfy requirements for various Sections of Agreement under the Highways Act, including Section 38 for new adoptable roads and Section 278 for improvements on existing adopted highways. Close negotiations with the various Highway Authorities throughout the northeast of England are considered to be of paramount importance to achieve effective designs.


Drainage Design

Expertise in the requirements of drainage design for any development is considered to be a forte of ARP.  We pride ourselves on preparing optimum designs of pipes and channels for adoption, generally under Section 104 of the Water Industry Act, but also for the adoption of existing pipes under Section 102 of the Act. Close consultations with the relevant Water Authority, Internal Drainage Board and the Land Drainage Authority, where appropriate, are considered vital to achieve effective designs.



The department is conversant with the various principles of achieving restricted discharge and storage of surface water within any development. ARP do not consider only oversized pipes as a means of attenuation, but also specifies plastic storage tanks, sustainable drainage options and private drainage attenuation as part of the solutions to achieve agreement of the Regulatory Authorities. Hydraulic and structural calculations are considered for each and every development and negotiations undertaken to obtain the necessary approvals.


External Works

Detailed levels across new developments are generally prepared as a matter of course, with a view to minimising cut and fill requirements and retaining walls, in agreement with the Client, to maximise value for money. This is considered to be a vital part of any development and essential to produce a cost effective approach, taking into consideration the existing topography, foundation solution and any remediation requirements for contamination.


Retaining Walls

The design of simple retaining walls for gardens, and the design of more complicated walls to support the public highway, are part of range of services provided by  ARP, and options for all forms of wall, including mass structures, crib walls and gabions are considered, along with traditional reinforced concrete structures.


Setting Out

ARP offer a setting out service to our Clients on an as-and-when required basis to assist in maintaining construction programmes on the site.