Geotechnical & Environmental

ARP specialise in engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering, combining these three disciplines to offer both integrated services and integrated solutions.

Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Services 

ARP has expanded over the years and diversified into Contamination Risk Assessment, which is now a major requirement for any development. Our Engineers have both geological and engineering backgrounds and aim to produce concise and user-friendly reports to provide viable engineering solutions for construction and remediation.


Stage I Desk Studies

ARP are often required to prepare desk study reports incorporating Contamination Risk Assessments, which can be used to obtain planning approvals for a variety of developments. These include assessments of geological and mining aspects, Ordnance Survey archive maps, environmental issues, hydrogeology and hydrology, landfills and gas migration, radon protection requirements and indicative flood risk.


Stage 2 (Intrusive) Geo-Environmental Reports

ARP has developed the capability of preparing detailed Contamination Risk Assessments in accordance with published guidance, to meet planning requirements. Quantitative assessments of contamination using software such as SNIFFER, CLEA and RBCA  may be carried out, and Remediation Method Statements are prepared to satisfy Planning Conditions. These reports also include full recommendations for engineering and geotechnical aspects.


Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigations for engineering aspects is a forte of  ARP and trial pits, boreholes, and scheduling of samples for laboratory assessment, all form part of the appraisal to produce engineering solutions for development. These will include solutions for foundations, road pavement, surface water disposal using soakaways, and other engineering aspects.



Coal Mining Risk Assessments

It is often a requirement of the Planning Authority for Coal Mining Risk Assessments to be carried out, when a site is within a "Development High Risk Area" with respect to undergound coal mining. The reports comprise a detailed desk-based assessment of the local geology, Coal Authority data, and any existing site investigation information, to determine the risks of ground instability on the site. ARP provide such reports on a regular basis for a variety of sites and Clients.


Investigation and Stabilisation of Mine Workings

It may be evident, from a Coal Mining Risk Assessment or Desk Study, that there is a risk of ground instability on a site from underground mine workings.  ARP can investigate the potential workings using rotary boreholes, and adivse on any ground treatment which may be necessary.  If treatment is required, we will prepare a Specification, organise the letting of tenders, and supervise the works, which often comprises the drilling of boreholes and injection of grout to fill the broken ground and/or voids. We will also prepare a validation report on the works, to meet planning conditions.


Contamination Remediation Design & Validation

ARP has a long track record of specifying remediation solutions for contaminated sites, in consultation with Clients and Regulators. To comply with planning requirements, there is always a need to confirm that the contamination has been remediated in accordance with the agreed Planning Conditions. The  Company are conversant in ensuring that there is an effective ‘paper trail’ in relation to the excavation and disposal of contamination, and the import of clean uncontaminated subsoil and topsoil.Validation of gas protection membranes is often also required.

Site visits, sampling and remediation validation reports are a major part of our service to Clients.


Slope Stability Assessment

ARP  has vast experience of conducting investigation of slopes to determine slope stability. This is often achieved by borehole investigation of slope profiles, and monitoring of installations for groundwater levels. Detailed analysis is then carried out using GEO 4 Software to determine the existing stability, and assess the stability and suitability of any proposed remedial measures such as slope reprofiling or drainage.

We also provide reports on the long-term stability of rock faces, by means of detailed site inspection in combination with pre-established protocols on a point-scoring system.  We will advise on any requirements for remedial measures, such as rock bolts, dentition, rock trap ditches, and netting.


DSEAR Investigations

ARP is able to provide DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) ground investigation reports to support development proposals for new petrol filling stations or fuel storage facilities.  This usually involves a ground investigation using boreholes, supplemented by laboratory testing of soils to indicate any corrosive potential of the ground, and a geophysical survey to assess soil resistivity and any nearby stray electrical currents.



Oil/Fuel Leak Investigations and Remediation

ARP is able to investigate accidental spillages/leaks of oils and fuels from tanks, either on a domestic scale, such as from a heating oil tank, or for larger commercial incidents.  This will usually comprise an investigation and report on the nature of the release and extent of the resulting contamination, assessment of potential impacts, and recommendations for remediation.  We are also able to organise and supervise the remediation, using appropriate Contractors, and provide a validation report on completion.  If remediation requires removal of any part of existing structures, we will take responsibility for the structural safety of the works and any detail design, to enable a return of the building to its original condition at the earliest opportunity.