Transport Sustainability

Design and assessment process - accommodating the travel demands of large and small scale developments: transport planning, traffic engineering, road safety audits and data analysis across the board.

Transport Statements

ARP has provided statements on transport sustainability for a number of Clients to obtain approval of Planning Applications for specific developments. All forms of transport are considered and addressed in the reports.




Traffic Impact Analysis

Where requested for development on specific sites, ARP has implemented Traffic Impact Assessment of junctions, traffic signals and roundabouts to meet the requirements of the Planning Authority. The investigations take the form of an assessment of any existing traffic information, obtaining traffic counts, assignment of new traffic movements and assessment of junctions, and specifying any improvements.


Highway & Drainage Viability Assessment

Many developers, before wishing to commit to purchase a site, need to be assured that the site can be accessed and drained satisfactorily without excessive abnormal cost. ARP are adept at consultations with Drainage Authorities and preparing indicative assessments of likely discharge rates for surface water discharge, and calculate indicative attenuation requirements for viability purposes. We also negotiate with Highway Authorities regarding potential access problems if required. Overall level assessments of indicative schemes can also be prepared to show likely abnormal retaining wall structures and general underbuild across the site.


Noise Impact Surveys

ARP can also provide reports and recommendations for noise impact surveys where necessary, using qualified and experienced personnel, and negotiate with relevant Local Authorities to again identify abnormal costs for noise protection solutions.